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Sweet Tea Time

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  • Wooden Box with slide lid. Multifunctional keepsake Box - Brittany Boxes – Canada
  • Thermo Cup - Premium quality on-the-go cup, keeps your favourite drinks Hot or Cold for more than 6 hours.
  • Mint Tea - Flying Birds Botanicals Miont tea. Organic Peppermint*, Organic Spearmint*, Organic Fennel*, Organic Ginger, Organic Stevia (16.2g)
  • Cocoa Powder - Flying Birds Botanicals Especial Cocoa drinking chocolate (99.5g)
  • Green tea covered chocolate bites
  • Dark Chocolate Bar 85% cocoa - Simon Coll (30g)
  • Chocolate Bar 70% cocoa - Simon Coll (30g)


Our Sweet Tea Time gift box will be sure to impress all your loved ones who have a special place in their hearts for tea, and for sweet treats! This perfect gift for tea-lovers will satisfy all those cravings for new tastes to explore. This gift includes a mint tea from Flying Birds Botanicals, and their selection of organic tea spans from peppermint and spearmint to fennel, ginger, and stevia. You will love to sip on this tea in the Thermo Cup included in your premium tea present. This cup will keep your most-loved drinks hot or cold for more than 6 hours, which means you can sip on a cup of organic mint tea at your own pace! Perfect pairings to a cup of this tea are gourmet snacks, which we just had to include in this package. We have ensured to provide only the best selection of snacks, such as: cocoa powder to make a hot chocolate drink; green tea covered chocolate bites; and two chocolate bars with 70% and 85% cocoa respectively. These premium decadent treats are great to enjoy on their own or paired with a delicious cup of mint tea. You will fall in love with this gourmet tea gift upon first glance, and upon first sip!

    • Box Dimensions:  11x11x4"
    • Gift box is beautifully wrapped up with hand tied  premium quality ribbon, complimentary note card, a logo tag.