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Peace of Mind Spa

Peace of Mind Spa

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  • White Wooden Box
  • Luxurious LILY of the VALLEY Soap & Hand Cream Gift Set - by Pré de Provence- France (Soap 150g + Hand Cream 30ml)
  • Relaxing Orchard Soak Bath Salts by Without Co. (236g)
  • RENEW Candle - Lilac scent by Aubert and Amandine (68g)
  • Peace of Mind Tea Bags by Flying Birds Botanicals  (16.2g)
  • Fancy Pink Matches - Beautiful Match Jar with a corked glass apothecary jar and a match-striker is affixed to the bottom of the jar 3.25" tall x 1.75" wide (Approx. 100 matches)
  • Pure Milk White Chocolate Bar - Hand painted chocolate bar by Laura Slack (50g)


Let your loved ones have a peace of mind with this beautiful spa gift. With a premium selection of spa items, your recipient will sure to be at ease thanks to this present. It all starts in the bathroom by filling the room with a lilac aroma to help renew your senses and calm your presence; a luxury candle, as well as a premium pink match jar, will help fulfill this sensation.  Sipping on some premium tea and nibbling on a hand-painted bar of pure milk white chocolate will also help soothe and satisfy cravings for both sweets and relaxation. A bath would not be complete without premium bath salts to help with exfoliation and rejuvenation. Topping this time off with some nourishing French soap and hand cream; it truly is the cherry on top of this amazing present. This gift is presented in a white wooden box, which is great for repurposing for other needs, such as with decoration or storage. A piece of mind has never been found easier, thanks to this luxury spa gift.


  • Box Dimensions 10.25x7x4.75"
  • Gift is beautifully wrapped up with hand tied  premium quality ribbon, complimentary note card, a logo tag.