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Our Story

About Us
We believe gifting tells a story. It connects people, make memories and transforms relationships at personal and business level.  Gifting is an important way to celebrate life, love and friendship. The receiver will truly feel your gratitude when you give gifts for elevating happiness and well-being. It is what drives us every day to create timeless gifts for modern giving. With our passion for highest quality products and love of fine details we thoughtfully curate exceptional and meaningful gifts that bring joy to both the receiver and the giver.

Our Story
Hey! I am Mojgan and my brother’s name is Pejman. We are the founder of “Basket and Bow” and so glad you stopped by. Thank you for choosing to read our story. We value your time and are grateful you’re here.
Since the day we were born, our dad was entrepreneur. Naturally, Pejman took to the lifestyle as he had never been exposed to other options and like to think he was born entrepreneur. After high school, he started working in our father’s company, gained a lot of experiences, enjoyed every minute of it and became a successful businessman.

But the journey for me was quite different….
Since I was a teenager gift wrapping as a hobby was a great source of comfort and joy for me. I was actively involved in school projects that required craftsmanship and attention to details. Over the years, I became the gift wrapper for my family members, relatives and friends. Gradually, I realized the passion for not only gift wrapping but for product discovery and finely crafted offerings with a personalized touch grew stronger in me. Still a hobby though, not a career. After high school, I went into the Bachelor of Arts program in English language translation. Upon graduating, I started working in various companies and organizations as an executive assistant and program associate. During my professional life, I organized a series of events within the work place that required gift giving. Birthdays, Weddings, Babies, Appreciation and Holiday were the main special events to celebrate all year long and I so interestingly initiated ideas that always turns into a successful project and brought joy and smile to contributors and receivers. Years later, I joined my father and brother in our family run import company for a few years and decided to take a giant step towards my dream career.

Here is how my life got flip turned upside down.... 
With my passion for modern gifting, I decided to convert my lifelong hobby to longstanding interest into a business by building and running my own company. I created Basket and Bow that strives to lovingly design and craft thoughtfully inspired gifts with care and passion and present with joy. The amazing journey led me where I am today.
What more I could ask for!?